Never Ever !

"For ALL the promises of God are in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of GOD through us"  2 Corinthians 1:20

We are complete in HIM.

He came in search of you. 

He came to give you life.

He has called you by name.

He has engraved your name in the palm of His hands.

He loves you with an everlasting love.

He longs to be with you.

He wants to ease your burden.

He knows your heartache.

He has come to give you peace.

He has sent forth His Word to heal you.

He gives you His righteousness.

He rejoices over you.

He will be with you forever.

He is coming back to take you home.

  "Why am I here?" 
"What is my purpose in life?"

These are the timeless questions that every person will ask themselves at some point in their lives.  They are the questions that spark the beginning of a desperate search for 
something more... a quest to find the meaning of life.  Questions that will cause a person to look deep within their own heart and soul... where too many times all that is found is a deep void, an emptiness, an aching to be fulfilled.   These are the questions that only lead to more questions until the true answer is found. 

Consider this for a moment:

We are here to know HIM
to make HIM known.


I'm talking about the Lord.

Have you ever considered this
as your reason for being?

Lord, You are so wonderful and merciful and so full of love for us.  Your plans for us are perfect and You want only to give us good things.  You tell us that You are for us and not against us.  Yet there are times that put man to the test.  Times that try our faith.  Father, I ask that you bless each person that visits this site.  I pray that your Holy Spirit will minister to each one as they read the things that You have led me to share here.  Use it to speak to their heart.  I ask that You draw each one closer and closer as they begin to seek more of You.  Help us, Lord, to be obedient to your Holy Spirit.  Give us a hunger for more of Your Word and place a desire in each of our hearts to get to know You better.  Your Word promises that when we seek You, we will find You if we search for You with all of our heart.  Father, You want only for us to turn to You and to call upon your name; to trust You and give ourselves over to You so that You can lovingly nurture and change us into the child of God that You would have us to be.  Have your way in our lives, Lord.  Forgive us of our sins.  Forgive us for sometimes douting You.  Forgive us for looking to ourselves or to man instead of looking to You.  Forgive us for putting the things of this world ahead of You.  Forgive us for not realzing just how wonderful You truly are.  You take control, Lord, and lead us into the relationship that You've desired to have with us from the very beginning.  We love you, Jesus, and we thank You for patiently reaching out to us time after time to bring us near to You.  NOW is the acceptable day of the Lord and that's what we want, Lord.. more of YOU.  We thank You for your loving patience and faithfulness.  Thank You for the everlasting love that You have for us.  Thank You for never letting us down or failing us.  Make us into vessels of honor that You can flow through to touch the hearts of those around us.   May we honor You and glorify You in all that we do and say.  In Christ Jesus' name we pray. 

Many times in this life, we look to others... for approval, for love and acceptance, for support, for comfort and strength, for encouragement, .... and it is true, God will sometimes place people in our lives that He will work through and will be so much of a blessing to us.  But, as wonderful as they are, they cannot meet our deepest needs and if we don't have the One who sent them.. if we don't have JESUS in our lives.. then we have


HE is our REDEEMER...  HE is our HOPE...

He is the One who truly loves you unconditionally and has called out to you so many times to draw you closer.  He is the only One who can soothe your every hurt and calm every fear.. the only One who can TRULY understand...  because He searches your heart and knows your inmost being.  He is the One who listens when you call out to Him in your desperation and He will never turn a deaf ear to your pain.  He is the One who knows your heartache and has seen every tear that has fallen from your eyes because He has reached out in love to dry them.  He is the One who gave up His life so that you might live.  Oh yes, He has proven Himself faithful time after time... even when we have been anything but faithful.... and we have such a wonderful hope of eternal life with the Father because ...............

Why did the God of the whole universe who made each star and hung them in place, the God who filled the depths of the ocean with every sort of sea creature imaginable, the God who knows the very number of hairs on each person's head and counts each soul more valuable than all the gold and silver in the entire world make you?   He breathed the breath of life into you so that you could come to know Him ... to experience His unending love... to taste of His goodness ... to have a relationship with the Daddy of the whole universe through the mercy and grace afforded us by His Son.  More than anything He desires your praise and your worship... to be the object of your affection.

  I want you to get to know your heavenly Father just a little bit more.   I want you to feel Him speaking to your heart as I share my heart with you.  I want you to realize just how very precious He is and to know that He thinks you are very precious also. 

  Our GOD is so AWESOME....

and you know what?


Did you get that last part? 


The Master of the whole universe loves YOU !

The One who knows everything there is to know about you...
warts and all.... STILL loves YOU !

The God who is so holy that His face cannot be looked upon in the flesh, loves YOU !

YOU ARE PRECIOUS in His sight....

so much so that He came down, dwelt among men,
and gave up HIS LIFE so He could redeem